Class Descriptions

Lily Pad Yoga classes are designed for your self-exploration, self-acceptance and your self-transformation. Engage your mind, body and spirit.  Train and condition yourself to follow your heart, listen to your intuition, relax, restore, strengthen, be mindful, overcome difficulties and persevere. Decrease anxieties, ease depression, increase resilience with a strong routine of self-care. Show up on your mat and your life will change from your yoga practice.

Hot Yoga Studio Classes

Gentle Yoga

All levels. (85 degrees, ~40% humidity); 60 minute class

Quiet, meditative, less intense yoga to balance the spine and work on range of motion, flexibility and stress reduction.  Focused on breathing and added warmth for soothing effect.

Meditation & YogaBeginner friendly 85 degrees and not humid!
breathing exercises, guided relaxation, meditation, some yoga postures (asana practice) beginner friendly. 

    Lily Pad


Beginner yoga class (85 degrees, 40% humidity); 60 minute class

Develop your foundations, work with alignment cues, deepen your breath work, balance your body, mind and spirit in a balmy studio environment.

Hot Yin

All Levels. (95 degrees, ~40% humidity); 60 minute class

Yin yoga is for all levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced.  Yoga, done down on the mat, with long held poses (3-8 minutes).  Yin yoga offers a deep release and increase in stability while being on the ground and holding the pose for a longer amount of time.  Yin yoga helps one to move into stillness.

Slow Flow

Mixed Levels. (100 degrees ~40% humidity); 60 minute class

Slower vinyasa (sequenced) class. Synchronize breathing and movements.  A physical practice that works on range of motion, flexibility, and strength.

Lily Pad Flow

Intermediate level yoga class (100-105 degrees, 40- 50% humidity); 60 minute class

Hot studio for a tropical escape. Sync breath with asana (postures) and vinyasa style (sequenced, fast moving). This class increases strength, stamina, endurance and energy.

Lily Pad Power

Intermediate level yoga class (100 degrees ~40-50% humidity) 60 minute class

A strong, fast paced yoga class that integrates your powerful breath with poses and some vinyasa sequence, rhythmic movement.  (not for beginners)

Lily Pad Vibes Mixed Levels, Beginner Friendly. a 75 minute class for more pranayama (breath work/vital life force freeing) and more meditation; more hot yoga that you love! A great class for your first class at this hot temperature.  ~100 degrees and 40-50% humidity.
Moonlit Lily Paddestress and release the days tensions, relax and restore. a little hatha a lil yin/yang. breathwork and meditation to help you drift into a peaceful state of awareness. practice an evening ritual yoga session with us and tap into your luminous self and illuminate your true peace within. experience why yoga is loved all around the world
Restorative YogaAll Levels 85 degrees. (not humid)     Rejuvenate and restore, be present, heal and decrease stress and integrate healing postures fully supported by props. Return to the now where your heart lives and reduce stress levels. Space is very limited! Slow down and restore energy only about 4 poses in each 75 minute class.
Spa YogaAll Levels 85 degrees ~40-50% humidity We will practice 75-minutes of restorative yoga poses in a format that engages the five senses through essential oils, mood lighting, tension relieving hands-on assists, relaxing music, and a tasting element at the end.  Option to participate in the sugar lip scrub treatment during class and enjoy cucumbers on the eyes for Savasana. To secure your spot, pre-registration is encouraged.

Private Sessions

We are now offering private yoga mentorship, private yoga lessons and private Reiki sessions. We have blocks of availability on the schedule with different teachers.