Frequently Asked Questions

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We are the first HOT yoga studio in the area.

What is Hot YOGA?

Hot yoga is at a higher than room temperature yoga class. The humidity is also at or above 40-50%. This is to mimic the conditions of Southern India, and they continued to practice hours of yoga every day in the Ashrams. We have classes at different temps, most classes are 105ºF

What should I do if I have never practiced yoga?

We have new people to the studio and new to yoga every single week. You are in the right place!! Some people are fresh out of surgery, are in the middle of cancer treatment, are just out of physical therapy, there are soooo many injuries in the room and a huge variety of ability levels. you never know whats easy for you may be very hard for someone next to you or impossible. you get the idea.

  1. Read the class descriptions. (here)
  2. Understand we all started as newbies!!
  3. YOGA is the ABSOLUTE best for learning to create and develop a loving and trusting relationship with yourself and your body through mindfulness, breathing and exercise. With that background knowledge, you can adjust to the heat in any class by getting a mat spot by the door and going in and out of the room as much as you’d like to decrease any anxiety while adjusting to the hot and humid studio air. So just take breaks and keep showing up!!
  4. if you sign up on your phone, or make an account on your device every class will be easier to register for because your phone can remember the login details or it can be linked to your fb. we have an app (here) its easy to view the schedule in the app without having to register

How to prep for your hot yoga sessions:

  1. get an outfit you are comfortable lying on the ground in, this normally means allows for a stretchy waistband and doesn’t dig or pinch. It is great if it is non cotton, the sweat is absorbed by some materials and this can be uncomfortable, so leggings and gym shorts with compression shorts underneath for when the hem shifts with gravity. Also anything with give! Some people use pajama pants because thats a lighter material than sweat pants and they do not restrict movement.
  2. drink water the days before and lots the day of. were talking around a gallon of plain water. electrolyte mixes are wonderful. and a water bottle with a straw or with ice is lovely during class. we just refill in the sink during and after.
  3. pack your bag of your outfit and something to wear home or on to you next activity. we have locker rooms and its nice to change after class, you can sweat 3 or more liters of sweat in one hour or more if your are a full grown adult.
  4. we have gear rentals a mat is 2$ a towel to help decrease slipping while you are sweating on your sticky yoga mat is also 2$ we sell some and you will get what you pay for. so a cheap flimsy towel or mat will be annoying and fall apart quickly and you may be annoyed that it wasn’t worth the cheap price. ours have a lifetime guarantee.
  5. come fairly clean or wiping off some grime/makeup before with a wet wipe; will help you feel good. i can not explain how lovely the sweat is to detox unless its under a layer of yuckies. we love a good sweat from every pore.
  6. Plan your trip. Arrive 10 minutes early. Classes start on time and the door is locked during class time. No late arrivals.

the best way to get better is give yourself a chance to fail and learn!! the best way to avoid injury is to investigate the availability of a movement without going all in right away, safely explore the first motion while still with full control of that motion or pose and always be able to exit. the other way to get great quickly is bend your knees more than you think you need to….I promise these tenets were drilled into my head from a teacher that wouldn’t give up on me.

we take off our shoes at the door along with our socks. the amount of nerve endings in your feet is astronomical and they are connected to every area of your body and mind in reflexology! itll be easier over time to align in the postures and work on balance if your feet are exposed and not in random designed shoes. if you don’t like being barefoot thats okay! wear shoes, respect your boundaries! do what works for you! there are also these things call yogi socks for people that want some extra grip! they are at tjmaxx and target

teachers are just giving ideas, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND EVIL; if you dont want to practice a pose or a chant then dont bother! you are in charge of what you do with your energy, your body, your life! you are invited to practice what the teacher is suggesting but you can always choose to stay in a resting pose and wait til you want to join what is happening with the group.

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