Health has always been and will always be our top priority.  We have implemented new adaptations to the response of the global pandemic.


YOU WILL NEED TO WEAR A MASK WHILE AT LILY PAD THANK YOU. We will have some for sale. You will need one in the lobby, bathrooms, locker rooms and in the HOT STUDIO.

We will be scanning foreheads of everyone arriving for in studio yoga.  The best way to feel safe is that everyone in the space is showing no symptoms and has been checked for a low grade fever.

We have always had a strict cleaning system.  Our air system does take in outside air.  Air that is heated passes by an Ultra Violet light that sanitizes the air coming in to the studio to heat it up.

We are only changing the policies that are recommended by the Yoga Alliance. This means we are no longer offering communal props/gear. You may always bring your own. We are also closing our showers until we get the okay. Our doors open 15 minutes before class starts and close 15 minutes after, thank you for your attention to this.

We are limiting the sizes of the studio classes, please sign up ahead of time! Reserve your spot!  Spots will have markers on the floor for being spaced equally. We are only having 50% capacity in studio so be sure to show up. If you do not show up you will be charged because it is limiting others from being able to be in the hot yoga studio, thank you for your understanding.

If you have chemical sensitivities please wear flip flops to your mat to avoid skin contact with our mop cleaner.

One way you can help yourself is to use the bathroom before you arrive and to shower at home. Signing up and paying online also decreases contact points. Again our showers are closed. Space is extremely limited.

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