We use DōTerra essential oils at Lily Pad. I, Natalie, have always been into natural healing and natural remedies and do it yourself crafts and projects.  I have been with DōTerra as a wellness advocate since March 2018.

Our final relaxation mist is aromatherapy during the end of your yoga session.  Therapeutic grade is safe for your skin to absorb topically, to add to your water to ingest (some plant oils not so much) and to inhale from the mist or diffuser.  We switch which blend or single oil it is depending on the season and the requests from students and themes I am incorporating into the yoga classes for the month.

If you want to shop DōTerra click heremy.doterra.com/lilypadyoga~

I got started with a kit and curious interest. (kit pictured below, or click the hyperlink) If you would like to know more let’s meet up for tea at the studio or a coffee shop and chat about all things natural and the scientific uses of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, DōTerra.  It normally takes about a half an hour to get your questions answered about what essential oils to use for what health condition or outcome.  No pressure to buy just a friendly information session tailored to you!

Occasionally we have make and take, diy events at the studio! Its a fun easy going way to get some lovely cptg essential oils in your life.

We have some essential oil tools for sale at the studio as well.  We have crystal rollerballs and a couple sizes of spray bottles.



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