There are many styles of Yoga.  There are an infinite amount of Yoga Poses or Postures (asanas). Combine the variations and expressions of yoga and the results are limitless!  Each person who practices yoga, a yogi or a yogini if you prefer, is a unique expression of a human being.  Each pose may feel different in each yogi/yogini. We work together to find the expression of the pose with alignment. We need to honor our bodies and it’s intuitive wisdom. We will learn our “edge” in each pose and also find how it can change day to day even within the class. Every yoga asana has strength and sweetness. This edge will teach you about yourself time and again.  OUR AIM IS TO RESPECT and EXPLORE OUR EDGE!

I have been around the yoga block for a little bit (since 2000).  I have had many teachers and styles to play with.  I love what different teachers encourage and promote.  I have also been only able to make certain classes with teachers that were not my favorite.  This taught me oh so much!   Lets explore the idea of a difficult class further.

I have found myself crying in a pose.  This is what I learned to be a huge emotional release through practice.  What a relief it turned into!  I have found myself upset and aggravated in a twist.  I identify this as a detoxing to the max.  Some poses I find a great challenge with.  While difficult to process it helps my practice deepen and expands my awareness.  I have heard from many sources and practice myself that a pose that causes a negative emotional response is the precise pose you should practice more of.  Through this difficulty, we strengthen.  As long as it is safe to do so.  Sometimes we avoid heart openers when we are going through heart break or grieving.  Sometimes we avoid poses that cause strain on an injured area.    It’s just an idea to toy with.  For example I can avoid core like the best of them but i know it is safe for me to practice certain postures where the core is strengthened.

When we persevere through small discomforts and little irritations, not pain.  We train ourselves to dig deep within to overcome more difficult obstacles on the yoga path.  It is through a practice of being mindful and aware that we transform our life off the mat to being more mindful and more aware of our automatic (ego) programing. So when we have small safe successes we learn we have what it takes to face our biggest challenges. What a blessing this practice truly is!

One thought on “Yoga: Practice & Process

  1. Beautiful perspective. Finding your edge, even (or especially) with a pose that brings up negative emotion. Something I am inspired to explore! Thank you!


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